Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Business

SO, K got the loan to pay of credit cards and is feeling peachy about spending money/starting a business. I am cautiously on board, because she wants to start a photo booth and event management company. It will be little overhead to start (though I think it will cost more than she does) which is good because it will take some time to build up the business. We will see how this goes. Currently, I'm researching all of the photo booth companies in the ATL area. There are total about 100, but 75 of them are not well advertised online (in the back pages of The Knot) yet still in business. If we run 10-15 events we will break even for the business not including K running event management things for weddings/birthdays/etc.

K has a dream of working for herself which scares the crap out of me because she is the breadwinner in our household. If it works though, we could see some significant money.

Monday, June 11, 2018


On a separate note, this blog feels so freeing to write down my thoughts without thinking about who will read it and interpret it. I'm sure some internet wiz may find it eventually, but for now it is a great place to vent, put my thoughts down, and express my feelings without judgment. Feels nice.


I've struggled with liking myself almost all of my life. There is the voice of anxiety and depression in the back of my head telling me that I'm not good enough. Sometimes it is easy to tune that out, other times... not so much.

Today, I've been looking at pictures from Uncle D's wedding of K and I, for the first time in a long time, I like the way I look. I can still be critical about it, but all I see is happiness and true love. K has saved me in a way that no one else ever has. Unconditional love is pretty amazing.

Also, K broke down and let us buy a new TV for our room. I'm not sure she realized how big 55" is, but now she does!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Half Truths

How many times have I repeated something without researching it? Too many to count. I trust the word of those in an authority position over me more than I should. I struggle with rebelling and wanting to please authority at the same time. Not my best quality.

The whole purpose of this post is about something that K's mom said to me about watermelon. We were all talking about WW and what fruit we are consuming copious amounts of (fruit is 0sp on WW). I piped up and said that watermelon has been my choice as of late. Immediately, K's mom states that watermelon is FULL of sugar and that someone (like a dentist or doctor) told her to steer clear of it and eat only other melons (ei: cantelope, honeydew).

This didn't sound right to me, but I still exclaimed, "Really?!" I did a quick google search the next day and did see that watermelon is indeed higher in sugar (17 grams per serving vs 11 grams per serving) than other melons by about 6 grams. Daily intake is between 25-50 depending on your source and diet or 12-24% more which is significant.

Now, I'm not denying that is more than other melons at all. But, it got me thinking about sugar content in other fruits so I did some additional research. And, wow, there are some of her favorites right up there with watermelon. One cup of blueberries, apricots, grapes, plums, and guava are all 15 grams.  Pineapple is 16 grams. So is a pear. One cup of mango pieces? You are looking at 23 grams! A serving of apple is 25 grams!! Your whole damn day gone in one apple.

The usual suspects (citrus) were all very low. What surprised me the most was, strawberries. How are we not calling them a super fruit?? Only 7 grams of sugar per serving.

Anyhow, in the end, K's mom was not wrong, but only gave a small window into the bigger picture. I have since cut my fruit intake (aside from me still eating a significant portion of watermelon right now :) and have been trying to drink more water. Side effect to drinking more water, peeing every hour :(

On the up and up, I lost another 1.8 pounds this week! Almost at 12 pounds down and I got to cross off another number on my chart. 3 pounds from 5% of my body weight, feeling really good, too. I think that is the best part of all the changes, I feel so much better. I need to remind myself of that the next time I want the large serving of garlic fries (damn you, Braves stadium food!). I have had very few cravings or feeling like I've been denied of something doing WW. I really feel like this program is great in so many ways. I've not been obsessing about caloric intake (like I did with MyFitnessPal) or greatly missing sugar/carbs (like with Whole30). The only issue I have is that they don't explain what equals 1 point, so we will have to continue to pay and use their tracking system. Until we are no longer successful using the system, I will happily pay to make better changes and teach myself better portions (which I think is a big part of this whole thing).

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I'm feeling like 274 pounds is a barrier I just cannot break through. We will see what happens on Friday, but this morning I was back above 274! The first 8 pounds came off like gang busters, now I keep hovering, going below and back up again.

K did come up with a fun idea that she saw from another WW insta, which was this poster board that is covered in washi tape and has a countdown of each pound lost from our highest weight to our goal weight. It turned out great!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


PS: my post on the app trending for several hours! 1800 likes and 450 comments!

So, this always happens after I have a freak out about finances. Talking to K last night about saving for the wedding... I said no more take out lunches, only bring from home. Totally forgot that I was going to lunch with some co-workers and had to beg K for forgiveness. Maybe that'll teach me to give someone else a hard time when it is inevitable that it will happen to me soon after.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I may or may not have posted a #transformationtuesday on the WW app to see if I could get people to comment/like my post.

And, boy, did I ever get comments and likes! The validation feels nice, but I feel like a poser for seeking it from strangers. I did text K and my mom (who still hasn't responded, hope it is because she is taking a nap). K gave me some good validation, as well.

It is taking me about 14 days, but I have finally worked back down to almost 10 pounds down again. Not sure I want to slip up again like that, it is much harder to get back on track when I do...