Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, Musicals!

Here I go: I am going to profess my love for anything with singing, acting, and dancing. That's right, I am slightly obsessed with musicals. In fact, I am listening to my RENT Pandora station as we speak (yes, it is the original Broadway cast, in case you were curious :) ). I think if I had started younger I would have continued being in drama classes and singing lessons. I lack any dancing prowess or real acting skills but I like to think I can sing pretty well.

When I was younger, my mom was the piano player/ pseudo choir director at church. Hence, I was able to sing, play, act any time I wanted pretty much. I never really got over the nerves whenever I sang solos, but still it was exhilarating! I lost interest in all of my theater lust when I started playing softball. I was much better at softball than I was at the other two of the triple threats. It became my focus for the rest of my teens and early adulthood.

Back to the main topic, I wish I could live on Broadway in NYC and go see shows every single day. I have seen RENT many a time, a couple of Les Miserables, tied in with quite a few Wicked's. But it isn't enough! I long for the days when the Fox here in Atlanta will bring me a fantastic musical again. It seems like only every few years do we get a true classic!

I can recite all of Wicked from beginning to end pretty much. It fulfills my need for feminism with two female leads and the whole play itself is memories of childhood via WOZ. What I wouldn't give to see Idina and Kristin in the original cast!!!!

Anyways, I need to do some kind of work tonight before the Monday morning blues ring true once more.

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